Attention EXP Attractors:

Attention EXP Attractors:

Discover How To Add 10 More FLQA's To Your FrontLine FAST

with an irresistible offer, a simple local strategy, and an evergreen funnel filling your calendar with Appointments so you never have to chase agents again!

Michael Reese and Woods Davis are digital marketing enthusiasts and expert agent attractors. Combining their background in marketing and passion for agent attraction, they launched I Love Agent Attraction to educate people on how to attract agents without recruiting. They have personally attracted 220 agents who joined EXP through their funnels.

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  • The Direct Offer I used on a webinar to get 14 FLA'S in 30 days.

  • The simple survey I use convert workshop attendees into FLQA's...

  • The trick we use to easily find agents that are ready to make a move and begging for help.

  • The smart strategy coaches, influencers, and marketers use to make money while attracting agents.

  • Why you never need to worry about losing money from your agent attraction funnel.